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If you are ready to start a weight loss diet program or have been thinking about it, want to start weight training or just looking to get fit & healthy, or just simply want to start adding nutritional supplements to your diet but just don’t know where to begin?

Staying Fit & Healthy? Want to Know which Supplements to take? Which ones to avoid? Which ones perform as advertised? No worries. We’ll help you sort it out.
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HealthyComps.com focuses on providing information, education, comparisons and promoting various types of dietary & nutritional supplements, including multi-vitamins & minerals, herbal & botanical remedies, and other wellness categories such as sleep aids and testosterone boosters. We will try to feature & provide reviews of trending & popular products or categories of supplements, such as weight loss supplements, muscle building supplements, fitness over fifty supplements & memory-boosting supplements. The products that we feature or promote will always meet the safety & quality standards set forth by government agencies like the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements, FDA, Office of Dietary Supplements & ConsumerLab.com and will be graded by HealthyComps.com based upon these criteria.

We will also review the products label, product descriptions, ingredient lists and details about the intended use of each supplement and all its benefits and potential side effects. HealthyComps.com will also provide the consumer with as much information on the science behind the supplements including their quality, purity & efficacy and will cite available clinical studies or research that supports their effectiveness.

From time to time, HealthyComps.com will provide content related to health & wellness tips and advice, such as exercise recommendations or routines for those looking to start weight training programs and provide educational tools and resources that will help you in your search to find the best supplements & nutritional products that meet your needs.

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